Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The beginning of a cosplayer

Tiffany Perry is just starting to attend conventions. We have both started this year but she has attended more and is doing so as a cosplayer which put her higher on the food chain. Some of the conventions she has gone to this year are Philly Comic Con and Chicago Comic Con.

She blames her friends Freddie Nova (also an excellent cosplayer) and Allison Hourcade (Rocklove Jewelry) for getting her to become a cosplayer. Her first costume was X-23 (she borrowed most of the costume from Freddie). I met her at Baltimore Comic Con when she came as White Tiger and Scarlet Witch. She was genuinely pleased when people recognized her White Tiger costume.

Future costume plans include Dumb Bunny (which I really want to see), Lady Mechanika, Madame Mirage, Black Light and Sirkka from "Freak Angels". People and businesses have already started to notice her as Collectors Corner in Baltimore has her scheduled to wear her Scarlet Witch costume on  September 10. She will also be portraying Lady Mechanika at New York Comic Con. She does this since she finds it fun which is the best reason to be a cosplayer.

 She also has a wide variety of interests. Amber fascinates her
as her rings will testify.

She is also a belly dancer, writer, an avid reader, involved in roller derby, attends Renaissance faires and supports wounded warrior causes by competing in Tough Mudder ( been to other countries such as Egypt learned about belly dancing and how it is perceived..

One of the most interesting topics to discuss with her is the coming zombie apocalypse. While she will concede it may not be zombies she does feel that something big is coming for this country and she wants to be prepared which is why she is starting to learn different types of combat. I am not sure about the zombie idea but I do believe she is right about this country.

Plus, she goes mad for Blade cosplay.

(Tiffany Perry approved)

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