Friday, August 26, 2011

Artists from BCC

There were a large number of artists at Baltimore Comic Con to admire and purchase work from. I did make some purchases and am very happy with what I obtained.

I met Chrissie Zullo two years ago and she has done well for herself since then.

She has done the covers to 2 "Fables" mini series and the internal art for an issue of "Madame Xanadu".Her future jobs involve the artwork for a story in Womanthology (coming soon from IDW). I now have three pieces of her art. I own Psylocke, Zatanna and Catwoman.

This is my newest piece from her, Psylocke. I plan to keep getting pieces from her but the problem is that I can never decide what I want to get from her. I want so many of her works. I think I might go with Legion of Superhero characters next time.
Her work can be viewed at She takes commissions so you can ask her to make you something you do not see on her site.

One artist I met at this convention is Echo Chernik. She works as a commercial artist most of the time and does conventions during the summer months. This is her third year of doing the comic book convention circuit.
Her pieces are colorful and vibrant much like the artist herself. While most of the artists spend the weekend sitting down, she is up and around and greeting anyone who approaches her booth. She has one piece called "Pie Cthulhu" that got my attention, She said this one is a favorite among people and the concept came to her in a dream. You can view and buy her work at

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