Saturday, July 11, 2015

Orphan Black fan statement

Orphan Black.

I love this show.

I mean I really, really love this show.

I was hooked from the very first episode and that is rare for me. Even with other shows I am fanatical about, like Farscape, I did not become a huge fan until the show had been around for awhile.

Not so with this show. From the opening scene where Sarah sees the first clone (and what happens to her) I was fascinated.

And it has not disappointed at all. Season 3 has concluded and it still amazes me and surprises me. The last scene at the desert prison with Paul really caught me off guard.

If there were action figures of the cast, I would snatch them up. There are Pop figures of some clones and I have the Helena one. She know watches over me while I work on my computer.

First, Tatiana Maslany needs to win some awards for her role(s). I do not think there are many actresses who could pull off what she is doing. I looked the show up on IMDB and she is credited with playing 10 parts. She does it well enough that none of the characters seem to overlap and all are completely unique individuals.

Do I have a favorite clone? Absolutely. I love Helena. Sure, all of the characters have their own strengths (Cosima is a close second to Helena) but Helena scenes are the ones I look forward to the most. Season 3 really saw her open up like when Donnie made her laugh.

"Did  you just threaten the babies?" is now one of my favorite lines. Those people that mistook her for Alison made a grave mistake. There is something about her that is so fantastic. I am not sure if it is her innocence or that fact that she is the most physically dangerous (she is the one they put in the garage in the S3 finale to handle that problem).

There are humorous moments along with all the drama. Like Alison and Donnie bouncing on the bed in season 3.

One character that I wonder about is Felix. He seems to take all this in stride, not really questioning anything. Everyone else asks questions (except Ms. S who is my favorite non-clone character) about what is going on but Felix just goes along with it, doing what needs to be done.

Ms. S, as I stated before, is my favorite non-clone character. She is one character we know little about (some of her past came to light in season 3). The end of season 3 made her closer to the clones (and you know what I am saying if you watched the season).

I am looking forward to the DVD release of season 3 and I am really looking forward to Season 4.

Really looking forward to it.

Is it 2016 yet?