Monday, July 7, 2014

Heroes Con 2014 art haul

When I go to cons, I like to look at the art available for purchase. I never have enough money when I go to cons. There is so much great art out there that I cannot afford. Fortunately, I had enough money at Heroes Con this year to afford the following pieces. Several were commissioned and you will probably see a theme in the pieces. All the commissions were (mainly) of the same character. See if you can guess.

These first two pieces are by Ted Naifeh. I requested them before Heroes so they were ready at the con.

These are two trading card sized pieces by Christina "Stine" Brunson.

 These four were done by Richard Case. I have been a fan of his since his work on "Doom Patrol" with Grant Morrison. I have to admit that I fanboyed a little when meeting him. Getting a commission of his put me over several moons.

These two were done by Rhiannon Owens, an artist who does a lot of cons and has a lot of great things.

By Jorge Corona. Like I said, I got a lot of the same character this weekend.

These three were all done by Buddy Prince and they are all gorgeous.

Serena Guerra drew this. I knew even before Heroes I wanted a piece of her work as I saw her work beforehand.

The first piece I bought that weekend. I saw this piece at Stefanie Buscema's table and got it right away.

 These two were done by Joe Quinones, the artist on the recent book "Bloodspell" written by Paul Dini. Go get it. Right now!

I almost missed this piece by Jorge Corona and Morgan Beem. Fortunately I saw DJ Spider holding it and asked where she got this print. I immediately went over and got my own copy of it.

This piece is done by Daniel Govar and I was sorely torn between this one and one of the Endless. Like I said, I did not have enough for everything. I have some other pieces of his work in my collection and am glad I do.