Monday, December 29, 2014

My brother and I

My brother and I are not very close... height.
He is well over six feet tall.
I am considerably less so, being around 5 and a half feet. appearance.
Women have thrown themselves at my brother to get him to notice them.
No one is ever going to call me attractive. No one that sees us would ever even think we are related. Yes, we look that different (which is good since there really does not need for there to be more than one of me). body type.
He is quite muscular (not like a body builder but muscular enough). not. geography.
We live over 500 miles apart. It is not that long of a flight but it might as well be a million miles. careers.
He has done well with an engineering degree and business.
I am still trying to figure out what I am doing. communication.
We talk briefly perhaps three or four times a year. We have little in common and things to talk about. family status.
He is married with 2 children.
I am not married (with that seeming an impossibility for me) and am not going to have children. pet choices.
He prefers dogs.
I choose cats.

We have never been close and I have never wanted any of the things he has
(In case any of you are thinking that I am jealous of my brother, I am not. He has his life and I have mine and I don't want his life or what he has. I would, however, like to be a little taller.). It is a shame in some ways since one day our parents will both have passed on and we will not really be in communication after that.

No one would ever suspect we are brothers, even if we stood next to each other, unless they were told so. We had a class together once and even the teacher, who had access to our school records, had no idea until our parents told her so. She announced it to the class and the class responded with "Wwwhhhaattt???"