Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baltimore Comic Con 2011 photos 1

Another convention has come and gone. This is the first year I have attended conventions. Otakon and BCC were located in the same building, Baltimore Convention Center, but Otakon rented the whole hall while BCC had only one room which made things quite crowded. It was hard to move around at times. If I could change one thing it would be to rent a second room and allow things to be a little more spread out.

Otakon had many more people doing cosplay than BCC but I was more familiar with these characters. Knowing who these characters are beneficial since people appreciated it when I could name what many considered to be an obscure character.

I have many pictures to post and interviews to conduct for this page. Bear with me. I will get everything posted as soon as I can. You can become a follower of this page and see all the updates. I am going to put all the artists and writers apart from the cosplayers so they will each have different pages.

Taking these photos and meeting these people has taught me to be gracious. I try to always thank the person whose photo I am taking. It is a little thing but I think it is the right thing to do. They put work into their costume and thanking them shows an appreciation of their work.

Tiffany Perry came as White Tiger on Saturday and Scarlet Witch on Sunday (both of which were great). I look forward to seeing her Dumb Bunny costume.

Laura Jones came on Saturday as Dark Phoenix. I met her at Otakon when she wore a Tinkerbell outfit. I am grateful she recognized me since I was completely fooled (I know, I am an idiot) and in awe of her costume. You cannot see it here but she has a small phoenix symbol attached to her sash.

One thing I liked was meeting people I knew from FB and other places wearing their costumes.
Melanie Spencer is one of these. She is posing as the character Cassandra from the comic "Gideon and Sebastian" by PLB Comics. I saw a notice she was going to be at the convention. When I met her, I mentioned she looked just like that model Lady Dark Dragon. The look on her face as she said "I am her" was priceless.

Next is Amber Love. I saw her in a Rogue costume (not knowing it was her) and immediately needed to have a picture. Afterwords, when we were exchanging business cards (hers is much better than mine) I realized who she was. There was a complete and total geek out moment on my part. "You're Amber Love?!? I have been following your site for some time.". Meeting her, even briefly, was fantastic.

Now comes two people who are friends with me on FB. Han Pan came as Harley Quinn and I figure the mallet came in handy over the weekend. She told me Lucid Cosplay came as Mystique.

When I ran into L.C. I asked for a photo and then said "You must be Lucid Cosplay". Her eyes grew huge and the only thing she said was "What?". It got better when I explained how I knew who she was.  That is a gun under my chin which rendered me speechless.

She was with Leroy Rivera who came as Nightcrawler. As he prepared to take a picture of Mystique, he told me to "watch my hands cause she is my mom." For those of you who do not know, Mystique is Nightcrawler's mother. 

This was a group of a mother and her daughters. I did not know they were related at the time. I found out later when they tagged each other on my FB photos. I was flattered when Elizabeth (Black Widow) decided to use my photo as a profile picture. Abigail Recabo was Batgirl and Katlin was X-23.

Another person who garnered interest due to their costume was Gareth. Shortly after I got this picture some girls ran up to me and asked "Did you get that Batman's picture? Who is he?". All I could say was his first name, Gareth. The girls ran off chanting his name. Ah, fame.

I also go to meet Freddie Nova who was costumed as Rogue. I got to see 3 Rogues in one weekend. My cup runneth over.

There are many more photos coming. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Comments always welcome.

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