Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh, those wacky Chinese economists.

How dare they lower our rating in the world market? How dare they suggest Americans need to learn to live within their means? Don't they understand that living on credit is the American way? Can't they see that Americans don't want to pay extra taxes for all the government programs and, at the same time, protest the cutbacks of said programs to meet a government budget? Just because the Chinese government has 1.1 trillion of our debt allows them to say these things about us? So what if you have an economy that is heating up while the Unites States is stagnant and you have huge trade surpluses that is allowing your country to buy a large chunk of America;s Treasury Bonds?

How dare they impugn a flawed government that sees its officials more concerned with personal scandals than doing the work they were elected to do? Isn't this why we import technology? Just so politicians can send dirty pictures of themselves to various members of the public? What could the Chinese see wrong about this?

How dare the Chinese government insult ours for not having the foresight to handle this before the last minute!

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