Thursday, August 25, 2011

BCC day 2

I am going to start this one off with the photos of John and Jill Melvin as Green Arrow and Black Canary. I do not normally take photos of people from the back but look at the back of Jill as BC and it should be clear why I got this picture.


 There is a arrow protruding from BC's posterior in the 1st picture (in case you could not see it).

Nicole Snyder as Codex

Stacey Allen as Dark Phoenix

Jessica Thomson with Stacey Allen

Gareth Hoskins as Batman

Brandie Bowman as the Black Cat

Eric Negron as the Hulk
Rebecca Ways as Wonder Woman

Barbara Wilcox as Harley Quinn 

Krista Lee as Domino and Chase Patterson as Iron Fist

Harley Quinn

Wondy as Black Canary

Luke as Green Arrow

MJ Koch as Black Widow

Mike Z. as Robin

Caitlin Sneff as Batgirl

Rachel Bond as Starfire

Katie Stevens as Robin

Rebecca Mszewczyk as Blackfire

Comic Mama Cosplay as Catwoman

Hope Buckland as the Silk Spectre

Amy Henricks as Catwoman

Erika Saxon as the Silk Spectre

Murder Nurse as Black Cat

Sam Seddon as Green Lantern

Des C as Scarlet

Henley Slater as Poison Ivy

Suny Stoudemire as Red Riding Hood

So this is the last of the pictures I have of cosplayers from Baltimore Comic Con 2011. Next up is the artists and professionals attending the show. I have many pictures of artists to share. If you like the pictures you see here, become a follower since I have much more to come.

Comments always welcome. 

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