Saturday, August 6, 2011

the precious

I saw something terrible recently. It was during Otakon, the convention mentioned in a previous post where people were having a grand time. It was outside so most did not see it. I happened upon it, just like I happen upon so many odd things.

A mother carrying a white plastic bag was walking along a street with her very young son. She started to cross the street against the light. Cars going in her direction started to move forward. She saw those cars coming toward her and the one in the first lane had to stop suddenly but not quickly enough. The mother pulled the child back to the sidewalk but lost her bag. The boy came away with a small cut on his foot. He was crying and his mother was trying to quiet him down. Her items were scattered under the moving cars.

Here's the horrible part.

 The driver of the vehicle pulled to the side of the street, put the truck in park, got out and went to the front to inspect the grill. He did not go to see if the child was fine. He did not say anything to the mother. He just inspected the condition of his truck.

Is this where evolution and society has brought us? Are we now more concerned with things than other people? Is this where the acquisition of wealth ends, the idea that our personal items are more important than people?  Is it true that a 42" TV is more important than charity, that the physical condition of our autos matters more?

I cannot just blame others. I am guilty of wanting things and getting things. I hate that I cannot put myself out of this grouping, that I cannot say I am different in this manner. I'm not and neither is anyone else. I suppose this is what it is to be human. We all want "our precious".

I think we should start referring to each other in possession terms.

"She is a Ipad Touch all the way"

"You're a pager!"

We already rate each other based on what we have, why not refer to each other as expensive items.

Comments always welcome.

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