Sunday, August 28, 2011

BCC Artists continued

Other artists I was privileged to meet over that weekend were Sara Richard, Chandra Free and Erica Hesse.
Sara Richard has been going to conventions for quite some time. She is a repeat offender
and has quite a following. She is on Deviant Art and has her own website Her work is mostly acrylic paint on paper. It certainly garnered her a great deal of attention at the convention.

It is hard to tell due to my photograph but this is a picture of Death and Dream. It is in my collection now.  One of the great things about her is that some of the proceeds from specific pieces go to charity  such as the Michael J. Fox foundation.

Above is Cloak and Dagger and below is a companion piece to Death and Dream, Delirium.

Chandra Free writes a book called "God Machine". She has been drawing her whole life and is constantly topping herself (she says she could draw before she could even walk). Her work is done on a Intuos Tablet so she works in the digital age.
Her webpage is and she can also be found on Deviant Art. You have to respect someone who calls herself spooky. She has also worked on "Sullengrey" and "Fraggle Rock".

This is Erica Hesse who can be found at She is another artist whose style appealed to me.
I picked up several things she had and hope to interview her about her work soon.


Above are pieces that caught my eye.

Stay tuned. I have more about artists coming soon including
Monica Gallagher, Rhiannon Owens and Amanda Rachels.

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