Wednesday, August 17, 2011

VA to Thailand

Virgina Pitler is doing something fantastic. She is leaving the country and is doing it voluntarily. No, she is not in trouble with the law. She is going to Thailand to help teach the natives English. When I found out I offered her one piece of advice. "Drink bottled water"/ I am not sure how the water quality is but I am sure they do not have state of the art water purification systems in Thailand. She says she is going to update her blog so people can know what is going on. Follow the link to read it.

It is a bold thing she is doing. She is leaving her comfort zone as well as her friends and family. How many of us can say we would be willing to do this?

Recent events with Americans in foreign countries should give people guidelines. Don't murder your roommate (Amanda Knox)/ Don't be the star of a reality show and get so drunk repeatedly that the police getting involved (Jersey Shore). With all these exports representing us to the world, is it any wonder that other countries hate us? I'm a citizen and I hate that these people are representative of Americans. I am quite sure that V.P. will not do any of those things.

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