Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More BCC Artists

Now to continue with more artists who worked at Baltimore Comic Con.

Rhiannon Owens stated she would be easy to recognize with her Mohawk and she was correct: this made her very visible.

This picture was taken on Saturday. The Mohawk was gone on Sunday because it hurt her neck. Her work is displayed at and at She has worked for DC and Marvel through Rittenhouse Archives. A quick search for her name shows two absolutely gorgeous Rogue drawings.

Megan Steckler created the series "Last Call".

The web comic started in 2007 and has changed over time. The character Lily is a succubus which is worth seeing. More comics need a hard drinking, hard partying demonic alter ego for their protagonist.
Be warned. This comic is for mature audiences.

I met Monica Gallagher on Sunday.

I think her idea of using Greek gods as art is brilliant. Each piece has an image of the god and contains personality details for each of the deities.. Not only does her work stand out but her website name is interesting.
She does web comics that focus on roller derby and large parts of  her work are based on experiences from her life.

Lastly, for this blog, is Amanda Rachels. She is holding up her work "Clown Town", a comic book series whose 2nd issue ia being released in October. You can find out more about the series here The series was a runner up in Small Press Idol 2010. Another title she works on is "The Blind Eye".  Her Deviant Art page, , illustrates how much trouble Plastic Man can get into.

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  1. Al, it was nice to meet you at BCC and thanks for the good word here! Hope you'll check out Clown Town! Issue #2 is being released on October 6th but in the meantime, check out the kickstarter campaign currently going for issue 2- we have some really unique original art and incentives for those who preorder!