Friday, August 26, 2011

Baltimore CC signings

A large part of attending the comic con is seeing the artists and writers who show up to sell and/or sign their merchandise. These people have a lot of patience and stamina. They sit at their booth for long periods of time and politely talk to all the people who pass by. They agree to sign materials placed before them and some even do sketches on demand.

Several famous writers and artists (who have been working in the comic industry for years) were there. They sit on the opposite side of a table for you and smile as people dump large numbers of books before them demanding "Sign these!". I have yet to hear any of these people say one harsh word and I would love to hear that.

"Hey, get away from my booth!"
"Why do you keep hanging around here?"
"Try taking a shower! We would appreciate it."
"No, I'm not going to sign your comics. In fact, I am not even going to talk to you. Next!"

None of the creators have said that. They have patience and poise which serves them well in this environ.

Above is Mike Grell. He is the force behind Warlord and a reboot of Green Arrow with "The Longbow Hunter" series. He, as well as Terry Moore, both commented on how they appreciate seeing well used copies of their books. "The Longbow Hunters" is one of the series that is surviving my comics purge. The artwork he is holding up is the character Warlord aka Travis Morgan. 

This is Tim Truman and his son, Ben. They are holding up pages from a new series called "Hawken". Their booth was active with people coming at them from all sides. Tim was trying to sign books, draw a sketch and talk to people who just walked up to his booth.

Next is Terry Moore who has created such popular books as "Strangers in Paradise" and "Echo" His newest title, "Rachel Rising", is coming out soon. Look for my upcoming interview with him. His booth was near the entrance so he was highly visible and easy to find. 

Charles Vess has done many things but my favorite is his work on "Stardust". Not only do I have the four issue mini series but I also bought the hard back edition. Yes, I know it is overkill but the script and his art make it all worthwhile.

Allison Sohn draws and keeps Adam Hughes in line. Their booth was popular and she kept things moving and organized. Her art is featured on many different trading cards and enjoys talking to people as they come around her booth.

Amanda Conner is the iron woman of conventions. I kept checking her booth to see when the line was short enough for me to get in and have her sign my two comics. Her line never got shorter. In fact it was always longer and she would not take a break. So I do not think she is bored here but tired. Sketching and signing for a long period of time is hard.

So these are the comic book professionals I met at this convention. It was very crowded so they did not have time to really talk to people. Check back for some of the interviews I am going to be doing with them. 

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