Thursday, August 25, 2011

Photos from BCC day 1

Here are more photos from Baltimore Comic Con 2011. Seeing all the costumes is one of the things that make going to conventions so much fun.

Charles Schroder--Dr. Strange

Nicole Jean as Baby Doll

Nick Raffensberger as the Green Goblin

Lisa and Mr. Jason


Raven McCoy as Star Sapphire

Elizabeth Neuhaus as Black Canary

Samantha Humphrey as Flash

Kylee Barton as Death

Henley Slater as Poison Ivy

Krista Elizabeth Lee as Psylocke and Fred Gor as Nightwing

Barbara Wilcox as Batgirl

Angela Render as Dazzler

David Lyle as Northstar and Ciana as Jubilee

Suny Stoudermire as Alice

Jeanette as Huntress and Chase Patterson as Nightwing

Steph Newcomer (Penguin), Hilary Henson (Poison Ivy), Tim Sowell (Joker) and Han Pan (Harley)

Cathy and Matt Bloedorn as Marvel Girl and Cyclops

Cathy Gannett as Rogue

Victoria Myers as Wonder Woman

Wondy as Black Canary

Ziggo as Nightwing and Lucid Cosplay as Mystique

Claire Denney as Zatanna

Melissa Miller as Zatanna

Tabby Devita as Death

Katrina Gaar as Supergirl

Wes Barthlow and Natalie Dawn

Revivify as Loki

Ashley Matthews as Death

Libby Dorot as Black Canary

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