Saturday, August 13, 2011

Everything must go!

I went to my first auction today and I was a little disappointed. Shouldn't I expect to get millions of dollars for the few things I sold?

It was full of older people so are auctions not children friendly? Are they made for senior citizens? Antiques buying antiques. There were a lot of old things there (and I do not mean the bidders).

It was a large room, bigger than a breadbox, smaller than a convention hall. Plenty of seats but, of course, the one person with the hacking cough has to sit right behind me.

Auctioneers do speak fast so the image you see in the media is no exaggeration. In fact I think the portrayal has them speaking slower than they actually do. The only thing I could understand the auctioneer say was the numbers. The bidders do not use paddles anymore which is a shame. I think the world needs more paddles and paddling.

I have to wonder at American consumerism. Some one said people will buy anything and auctions proved this rule. I really cannot see anyone needing a wicker basket filled with pine cones. Can't people get their own pine cones. I always thought the cones should be free but not here. Do people really need a cracked soap dish with a starfish on the side? At least I was able to see many old men walking around in plaid shorts, black socks and sandals. What is it with old men and black socks? Can't they find white socks in their size? Doesn't wearing socks with sandals defeat the purpose of sandals?

There is a lot of waiting in an auctions. Just sitting there and waiting for the bidding to proceed to the item you want. I wanted to shout "Oh, for the love of God, make it end" but I realized the auctioneer  may take that as a bid and then I might get stuck with a collection of icicles.

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