Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Moving time

I am moving again on Thursday, this time going back to VA Beach for a limited time (I am hoping). I seem to keep moving. It has happened so frequently that there is a pattern. Every few years I move but this time is an exception since I have only been here (Warrenton, VA) for one year. I normally have a three year rule.

The hard part of moving is having to move everything around. I miss the days when everything could fit in my car in one trip. It made moving simpler. My comic collection  has become quite the burden but I am eliminating that part of my life now. I have given it to an auction house to put it up for sale. Hopefully I will get enough money to support my extravagant moving lifestyle.

The comic books caused me problems since no one wanted to help move it. Some people helped once and after surviving the ordeal, vowed never to help me again. Now the comics are at an auction house and hopefully they will sell. Follow the link if you want to look at what is currently for sale. More will be added soon.

Buy often and bid high.

Being my friend is not cost effective (or so I have been told). Since I will only be in a place for a short time, people weigh the amount of energy it will take to be my friend against the benefits of actually being my friend  and guess where this leads.Okay, maybe some of this is my responsibility. My friendship is not cost effective.

As I stated in an earlier post. I do not even bother unpacking anymore. I don't see the point--unpack and then pack again. My logic is leave it packed. I will be ready to go at a minute's notice. Call me a Minuteman. A former girlfriend did but I do not think she meant it as a compliment.

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