Saturday, September 3, 2011

VA Beach: The city that does sleep.

I have now returned to Virginia Beach, VA after being gone four years. I did not think or plan to come back but sometimes life throws you surprises. Surprises like finding out

Things look remarkably the same.

Buildings in the same spot as when I left--check.

Traffic still a pain due to traffic light signals--check

Tourists still hanging around--check.

My secret stash still at Mount Trashmore--check. Oops I wasn't supposed to mention my ultra secret stash.

People from different parts of the state never believe me when I say this city has a large hill filled with trash. They say I am making it up. No, there is a large hill that is filled with trash and always seems to be getting bigger. For those who are not here--children play on it, families have picnics on it, there is a body of water next to it and there is a Boys Club/Girls Club close by. I await the day it comes to life and begins terrorizing the city. Fortunately, the military is here so they can fight Mount Trashmore. That would make a fantastic B grade horror movie. "They filled it with trash. It filled them with--DEATH!"

I have yet to go to the beach to see the last few pebbles of sand before they are washed away.. I have never been a big fan of the beach. Since the tourists have spent time, money and gas to get here, the beach must mean a great deal to them. Of course I am aware Virginia Beach would become a ghost town (complete with tumbleweed blowing down the streets) if tourism and the military left.

I had completely forgotten all about the sound of the planes flying overhead since I mentioned the military. As soon as I am saying something important, the planes fly by and drown out my words. This is how you can tell residents from the visitors. The visitors shout "HOW CAN YOU STAND ALL THAT NOISE?". The residents reply "What noise?". Live here long enough and people are not even aware of it.

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