Wednesday, September 28, 2011

professional troubles.

I always hate it when people mass together in a group. Especially when those people are part of some professional organization. Take doctors for instance.

You go in to get a checkup and when the doctor is looking at the results, they say "humph". Next thing you know he is asking Dr. Jake to come have a look. After a few minutes they decide Dr. Elaine needs to see this. Give it a few minutes and you can see your results being scrutinized by 7 or 8 doctors. That many doctors looking at the same thing is never a good sign.

Or consider the mechanic. You take your car in for a routine oil  change and one mechanic starts to look at your vehicle. He calls over his friend. Then a third joins them. Next you have a squad of mechanics staring down at you car. I can promise you this: If there is a group of mechanics staring down at your car,  you are about to spend a lot of money.

Mob mentality always amuses me since there is always the one person who suggests the other people do something outrageous. It does not matter what it is (even if it is something they would never normally do) people always agree to do the crazy in mobs.

"You know what we should we do. We should paint the entire town purple and olive green."
"Yes. I have always wanted to do that!".

We all know that mobs quickly turn into angry mobs. Does anything good come from angry mobs. I do not think so. So when does a group become a mob? What is the magic number that changes everything.

4 people are a quartet,
15 people makes a party.
50 people makes a mob.
51 people makes an angry mob.

And speaking of angry mobs, why do they always have torches and pitchforks available. Even people who live in cities have those items. Where do they get them?

Now we have flash mobs. Just what we needed. People are not angry but dancing. I do not know which is worse.

Where is "Footloose"'s dancing law when  you need it?

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