Saturday, September 24, 2011

End of days

According to the Mayan calendar the world is going to come to an end December 2012. I have a theory about what could be so catastrophic as to cause the end of the world. While there are several likely scenarios, I have narrowed it down to one that seems to be the most possible.

Facebook shuts down.

That is it.

No more FB and everything grinds to a complete halt. Imagine if FB shut down completely. The panic, the riots, the sheer terror. Oh, no, people cannot like your status anymore. No more sending friend requests to complete strangers just because you share the same interest--enjoying pistachios.

I am a user of FB but it was not always this way. In 2007, I went back to school and several freshman told me I need to try Facebook. I asked what that was and people started rolling in the aisles, gnashing their teeth and tearing out their hair. "How can you not know? It is the greatest thing ever!".

When the looting and rioting start, I am not going to the big electronic stores. Instead, you will find me at bookstores filling up shopping carts.

Them: So what did you get in the riot?
Me: Lots and lots of books.
Them: Wwwhhhaaaaaatt?

Think about this. If we lose the Internet and texting there will be a whole group of people no longer able to communicate. The "cute" little things people splatter into online conversations won't work anymore. Don't LOL while you are talking to me face to face, if you are ROFL then you actually need to be rolling on the floor laughing and people would have to actually leave when the say BRB since one cannot say be right back in person and just sit there.

The loss of IMs and texting would bring us back to real, live conversations. Imagine that!
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