Saturday, October 1, 2011

Types of people

(This blog came from KPM who may or may not be reading it. She mentioned Monty Python earlier this week so if  you want to blame someone for this, blame her).

We have all heard the categorization of people as cat people or dog people. But what about rodent people, snake people, turtle people or even spider people. The human race is way too obsessed with putting people in categories and so I am going to help.

People who like Monty Python vs. those who do not. Who can not love this show with a dead parrot sketch and a bit where two guys slap each other with fish.

People who eat peanut butter by scooping it out of the jar vs. those who only eat it on sandwiches. I am on the fence about this one as I do both of these things. Of course, I do the scoop it out of the jar and lick it off the spoon when I am alone so I am not breaking any social protocols. I would never want to be thought of as uncivilized.
People who put their ice cream in a microwave to heat it up vs. those who (sensibly) eat it cold. Applying heat melts it. Is it still ice cream if it has melted?

People that are addicted to reality TV vs. those who avoid reality TV like the plague. I tend to avoid these shows as I have no guarantee they are real. How do you know they are not scripted? They keep having shots where people talk to the camera away from everyone else.

People who eat stinky cheese vs. people who do not. I have never understood why people would put something called stinky in their mouths.
People who consistently watch "Jersey Shore" and those who realize these cast members are giving Americans a bad name.

People who will survive the coming apocalypse vs. those who will not.

People who love zombies vs. those who love vampires. I am going to be different and say I prefer the Frankenstein movies or giant spider movies. For once I would like to see the spiders win. Isn't it their time for a victory?

People who read my blog vs. those who do not. Guess which is the majority here.

There are many more ways that we can divide people into categories. I am sure there are many more which we can name to divide people into smaller and smaller groups. The goal should be to make a group where there is no one left. A group of zero.

Comments always welcome.

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