Friday, October 21, 2011

NYCC 2011 Day 2 photos

This is what I saw on Friday. The turnout was larger than Thursday but does not reach the mad proportions of Saturday. There were more cosplayers than I could get pictures of but I tried to get as many as I could. I was able to meet many new people and see people I was aware of due to their web presence such as Jill Pantozzi and Belle Chere. There were many women in Zatanna costumes and I was able to get photos of several of the convention. Tiffany Perry found some that I did not. Erica Hesse suggested I go see Kristin Allen. I did and bought a commissioned piece from her. My recap of the convention talks more about that.
Helene Waldemarson as Wonder Woman

Cassandra Johnston and Christine Evans


Devon Bennett as She-Hulk

Zoe McInerney as Harley Quinn
Jackie Guitard as Rogue

Sarah Nipwoda as TARDIS

Taylor Brandon as Plastic Man

Renee Witterstaeter
Editor at Eva Ink

Susan Gisleson
Chelsea Dewan as Robin


Kaitlynn Crowley as Supergirl

Angel S. as Black Cat


Lori Ferer as Zatanna

Sarah Lambino as Death

Erica Hesse holding up a Zatanna commission

Yuffie Bunny Cosplay in front of her booth.

Caroline L as Black Widow
Tiffany Perry as Lady Mechanika

Kim Chandler as Death

Jenna Patterson as Wonder Woman

Stephanie Morin as Thor

Jolita Brilliant as Wonder Woman

Sierra Chandler as Codex

Angie P. as Lydia Dietz

Kristin "Foxy" Allen in Artist Alley

Diana Jane as Phoenix

Nicole Neaton as Lady Blackhawk
Emily McCulley as Emma Frost

Trin Croft as Black Canary

Mikki May as Supergirl

Ben Kahap as Starman

Alexs Buckley as Jean Grey

DJ Spider as Dazzler and Mercy Roulette as Black Cat

Rose as Black Canary and Tyler as Green Arrow. I wonder if they are Dr. Who fans (Rose Tyler was a companion).

Stephanie Ward as Supergirl

Krystal Calarese as Rogue

Liz Mooney from Pigroast

Jen Timms as Poison Ivy

Becca Stundel as Spider Jerusalem (looking for filthy assistants)

Lia Habel

Jill Pantozzi as Batgirl

Emily as Zatanna

Alicia Miller as Big Barda

Helene Waldemarson again.

Buffy Gustafson as Catwoman and Jillian Hutchins as Batgirl


Melodie Young as Star Sapphire and Belle Chere as Power Girl

Juli Abene as Terra


Terra and Batwoman again

Alessandra Pisano

Mary as Black Canary and Ali Baldwin as Speedy

Victoria Jones

Gregg Gentile as Killer Moth

Murder Nurse as Black Canary

Victoria Bennett as Catwoman

AllyCat Alisha as Elektra

Jessica as Black Cat
Layla Marie as Black Cat
That is all I have for day 2. Next up is day 3, my last day there.

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