Friday, October 21, 2011

NYCC day 3 photos

This was my final day at the convention and it was packed. The sheer number of people made it very hard to move around. Artist Alley was not quite as crowded as the main floor so it was easier to move around there. Most of the vendors/artists I talked to dreaded this day a little bit as they heard the day sold out of tickets. These are the pictures I was able to get on Saturday.

Nicole Neaton as Black Canary

Mara Jayne Carpenter as Poison Ivy

Lindsey Cepak as Thor

Imari Yumiki as Mystique

Julie of Snapdragon Designs as Huntress

Drew Burt as Hawkeye

Lane Boucher as Catwoman

Catwoman with Lady Mechanika

Batgirl and Batwoman

Steven Porter and Nicci Fett

Killian and Kat Bradbury as Batgirl and Wonder Woman

Emily as Lady Yuna

Joy as Black Cat
Avril as Supergirl
Nicole Franza as Poison Ivy
Kinsey Britta as Black Cat
Ariel Reinhardt as Joker
Christine Knubbert as Phoenix
Angela Lin as Domino

Maggie Saramak as Tron

Courtney B. As Black Canary
Katrina Richter as Scarlet Witch
and Chris Conti as Scorpion 
Alley as Lilandra
Some of the female Doctors.
Dave and Jean Rzasa as Gambit and Rogue

Kristen Welling as Emma Frost

Yuffie Bynny Cosplay

Sean Filson as the Beast
and Audrey Skalkowski as Shadowcat

Caitlin Popp as Silk Spectre I
and Rileigh Aguilar as Silk Spectre II

Joe Carabeo, Carolyn Belefski and
Amber Love

Jill and John Melvin as
Black Canary and Green Arrow

Giovanni Greer and James Powell
as Mary Jane and Spiderman

Jenybean as Wonder Woman
and Trish as Supergirl


Kaitlin Donelon as Zatanna

Jade Ng as Death

Beth Kaboth as Wonder Woman

Rebecca Epstein

Tamyra Epstein as Jessica Rabbit

Alyssa C. as Catwoman

Julianna Nagan as Ice

Gillian Horn as Poison Ivy
and Jackie Sabatelli as Wonder Woman

Danielle Marino as Poison Ivy and
Jared Wichnovitz as Robin

Nicole Marino as Bizarro Supergirl

Enrigue Jimenez, Alysia Loren and
Logan Jenkins

Cherie Carson as Death

Jessica Bonardi

Jenna Patterson as Zatanna

Stacey Allen as Poison Ivy

Joey Mightmin as Jean Grey

Erin Filson as Rogue

Alexa Kelly as the Violin

Spyro Koscarcis, Angela Trilivas,
Natalie Trzepizui and Vasilios Nerantzinis

Katie Martin

Stephanie Ward as Supergirl and
Ryoko_Dono as Zatanna

Jill Pantozzi as the Doctor
Christine Bazant as Carmen Sandiego

Lia Habel

Tiffany Perry

Kathleen O'Neil as American Maid

Kara Robertson as Psylocke

Cristina J. as Han Solo and
Kristin S. as Leia

Amber Lu as Catwoman

Ann McManus as Artemis

Emily Wernet as She-Hulk

Sophie G. as Poison Ivy and
Emily G. as Power Girl

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