Saturday, October 8, 2011

expressing yourself

Lady Dark Dragon (a person I know) made a comment about poking people seeming kind of dirty. I thoroughly agree with her statement. Poking in real life can get you in trouble but it is okay to do online. That is not the only strange thing to do online. Another site allowed people to throw sheep at each other. Sheep of all things. Not all  these expressions are dirty but they can be absurd.

I wonder what the next expression is going to be?

Tip your friend's cow!
Sneeze on someone!
Zombify your neighbor!
Watch a friend's status to find out when they are out at a concert and then rob their house (this actually happened).
Blow their mind.
Do their laundry.
Give them a spanking.
Feed their pet.
Shove them in a locker.
Share an ice cream headache.

These are the kinds of things I don't do. What not say "prod" as in cattle.  Because it is a virtual world, normal socially unacceptable behavior is now fine. Why stop at poking? Scratch your friend's head for them. Give them a tongue lashing (or, if you are feeling especially frisky, give them a tongue bath).

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