Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mistakes were made...

Recently a friend of mine (D.H.R.) said she was not going to watch TV until November due to political advertisements. I cannot blame her or disagree. The commercials are annoying and most of what they say cannot be trusted. Seriously, when was the last time you saw an ad where the politician tells what they stand for. All I hear is my opponent this and my opponent that.

These people are the ones who will not even admit when they have done something wrong. The phrase "mistakes were made" is flung around. That is very vague. Who made the mistakes? What were the mistakes?

Haven't these people learned from the one thing teachers constantly tell students today. Make better choices. I know teachers say this as I hear it all the time. Are these people so non functional that they cannot understand an edict we teach 5 year olds?

Another sad excuse is the expression "Well, no one told me not to." Pardon me but I have yet to see where taking pictures of various parts of your body and sending it to coworkers needs to be covered outside of sexual harassment training. They are quite clear in these meetings that certain behaviors are not acceptable.

This excuse does not work on having affairs either. If you are married then you have to know wedding vows have a fidelity clause in them. Nowhere in any ceremony does someone say "sleep with someone else if you want to". This is politicians just getting since they have opportunity. This shows a lack of respect for their partner and for the people who elected them. Better choices are truly needed here.

Mistakes do happen but a mistake is swearing up and down that Milli Vanilli is the greatest band of all time, not consciously going out and misappropriating campaign funds or chasing after an attractive person at the risk of your marriage.

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