Wednesday, October 5, 2011

1 week left

It is almost time for New York Comic Con. I am giddy with excitement as one can tell from my face. Of course, my giddy face is the same of my normal face (there are many people who can testify to this). I am very excited though. Here are the top ten reasons I am excited to go to NYCC.

1) Interviewing people who interest me. Many different people show up at cons and now I get to interview and meet them.

2) What I call the pageantry. People come in all different kinds of costumes and some of them are really well done.

3) Taking pictures of people in costumes and getting pictures of myself with these people in costumes. My FB page is full of these pictures. Most of the people who get their picture taken are super nice since they get hundreds of requests over the con weekend.

4) Going to panels to learn all kinds of new things.

5) Walking around the convention has to be good exercise.

6) Posting all the pictures mentioned above on FB, adding tags to said photos and waiting for all the friend requests to roll in.

7) Getting swag for attending the convention

8) Buying artwork from people I did not know about. Some of the art is actually fantastic and this allows me to support these artists.

9) Having bragging rights to say that I have done it and scratch it off my bucket list. Also, I can wear a T-shirt stating I survived it in 2011. That makes it all worth while.

10) Being able to unleash my inner fanboy. Not only is this acceptable, it is appreciated at conventions. I have been holding it in too long and yes, I know the phrase "model of restraint" is used sarcastically about me.

There. I have listed 10 good things about going to conventions. I am sure there are more but I am stopping here.

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