Friday, October 21, 2011

New York Comic Con

Many, many people will tell you Comic Con was packed with people and they are right. It was hard to move around during the convention and hard to get to talk to people if that is what you went to the convention for. That is the main reason I went. I conducted interviews with several people and tried to network with several others in the hopes of generating interest in my work. I am not sure how successful the second part is going to be but I did conduct all the scheduled interviews. I will be posting them here soon.

This was my first time at NYCC and I am glad that I went. I was able to see people I have met this year including Erica Hesse, Echo Chernik, Carolyn Belefski and Joe Carabeo, and Amber Love. I still would like to know how she remembered my name. I have a hard time remembering my name but she used it when I approached where she was working.

Joe, Carolyn and Amber on Saturday.

In addition to seeing familiar faces I was able to meet people who I knew about from the internet such as Jill Pantozzi and Belle Chere. I have been reading Jill Pantozzi's writing for some time and seeing her there was fantastic. I had to tell myself not to geek out (I may have accomplished 50% of that goal). Some people say meeting celebrities can be a letdown since they are never who you expect they are. Those people have never met Jill Pantozzi who is probably one of the nicest people I have ever met and was willing to talk to strangers (Yes, I know, there are very few people stranger than me).

Belle Chere was there as Power Girl and I was able to get a picture of her. Speaking of people in costume, I was able to see Jill and John Melvin again. I met them at Baltimore Comic Con where they came as Black Canary and Green Arrow. The Melvins came as these characters again even with the arrow attached to her behind. Jill Melvin gave me the greatest compliment when she told me she has my site bookmarked. This may not mean much to other people but I appreciated hearing that. I was able to meet Lia Habel whose first book was just published. We talked for a short bit before she had to run off.

Jill and John Melvin

Amber Love ( mentioned in her personal recap that most of the photos taken at NYCC were done in the main room, not Artists Ally. Artists Alley was easier to move around as fewer people visited that part of the convention which is a shame. Some very talented people occupied that part of the room and I found many different things to buy. To be honest, I buy more art now than comic books.

I bought a few pieces from Echo Chernik.

The piece on the right and the lower one are part of the Cthuhlu line. There is a 3rd one in this line coming out next year and I will have to add that one as well. I want her art book as well. I have shown a few models Echo's work and now they all want to model for her (loudly too).

Erica Hesse briefly attended the convention and I bought the Girls Drawing Girls book from her. That table had the artists rotating in and out to watch the booth so several of the artists signed their work in the book. Fortunately I was able to see Erica and buy a Zatanna sketch I wanted as well as get the first two issues of her comic "The Key".

Erica demanded I go see Kristen "Foxy" Allen and I am glad I did. She has some great work for sale (the Supergirl/Batgirl sketch made me laugh) and she did a commission of Zatanna (Yes, I know I am Zatanna obsessed). If my bag would not have crushed the work she was selling I would have bought many more pieces. 
The other booth I spent some time and money at belonged to Carolyn and Joe. I bought "The Legettes", "Kid Roxy" and "Black Magic Tales". I will be posting more about these titles soon when I post the interview with Carolyn and Joe.

It is fitting that Amber Love is a Legette.

BMT is the future of "Kid Roxy".

The convention was full of walking all weekend long and I never really tired until the end of my time there. Moving around allowed me to see more cosplayers and get more pictures.
All in all, I enjoyed this show. There  were some downsides to the show but they did not make it a bad convention.Next year I will be better prepared for what goes on. I was able to get many, many pictures of people in various costumes and those are posted on this site as well.   

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