Saturday, July 9, 2011

talking without words

People have gone overboard with shortening words. It has gotten to the point where one can have a whole conversation without using real words.



The bad part is that the people doing this are going to get older and not know any better. Imagine going to a job interview.

They walk into the interview and say "''Sup?" before slapping the interviewers hand.
Mr. Jones, Tell me more about yourself.
Their answer is "IDK. LOL. BRB." and they don't come back.

Imagine if the president did this? This is the new State of the Union address. No actual words. Of course, that would mean people might actually listen. The president is not saying anything now, he/she won't be saying anything then. Or if the president does not even bother to televise the speech anymore. Just tweet the short version. 40 minutes of speech condensed into two sentences.

Is this how people are going to conduct relationships in the future? Completely over texts with little three letter messages to express how they feel. People already break up over text message so why not hook up the same way. Hook up and break up over text. A 10 minute relationship over text message. When it is over break out the ice cream and cry about how it was the best relationship and how you want them back (This is what the guy will do). The girl will go to the shooting range and vent her anger there.

Texting also means less paper will be used which will be good for the trees. I can see it now. Billboards with pictures of trees standing around telling people to "do more texting'" just like cows telling us to "eat more chicken!".

Schools will now have classes taught over text message. Geo Was ws 1st prs. Lnln ws 16. Lnln fght cvl wr. Nth vs sth. We think people don't know history now? Just wait until it it taught over text. English classes taught over text means no more periods, commas and quotes. "Dude, whts tht dot at end of sntc?"

At that point all someone has to do is write a complete sentence presenting a complete idea and all the readers will be lost.

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