Sunday, July 24, 2011

No good answers

Recently a tragedy occurred in Norway. Two attacks were conducted on the same day which resulted in many deaths. 92 people died in the matter of minutes. The first attack took place in the Prime Minister's building in Oslo. A bomb went off and cost seven people their lives. That is horrible but the other event was much worse. The link below is a news article about what happened from MSNBC.

At a camp in Utoya a gunman opened fire and began to kill all those around him. People begged for mercy but none was given. The people who died did so due to what people are taught is the right thing to do. The gunman came to the camp dressed as a police officer. We are raised to believe in the police and trust them. This is what those people did. At least 85 people died because of his actions. Not only did this man take away lives but he also caused people to wonder who can we actually trust. He was not a lawman but he wore the image of one.

He expressed the idea that these killings were necessary.
He chose to do this. He chose to make a bomb and he chose to bring guns to a camp. It was not a necessity. He did not have to. People fail to understand that what they do are their choices.Killing those people was not something that has to happen. It was something he had complete control over. The actions we take are never necessities. Our actions are the choices we make.

Now he is in custody leaving only questions and grief. People want answers about why someone would do this. There are no good answers, no solutions that are going to make people feel better, nothing that will ease the suffering. His justifications will not make this better.

This is one of the problems with looking for answers. Sometimes you find them.

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