Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Debtor nation

The United States is facing a debt crisis and the government is trying to solve the problem. One solution is to create a bigger problem. Raise the debt ceiling which means allowing the U.S. to go deeper into debt. Shouldn't we be going the opposite way? Instead of getting deeper into debt we should be paying off what we owe. That is what the government wants the citizens to do. That is what the banks what people to do. That is what people want to do. Shouldn't people expect the government to do the same?

What happens if we cannot pay the debt? Since we are all citizens of the U.S. does that mean we are responsible for the debt? Is Georgia going to revert to debtors prison like it was so many years ago? Are they going to force 300 million Americans to live in Georgia? I don't want to live in Georgia with 300 million people. To be fair, I do not want to live in Georgia with 300 people.

Is the U.S. going to have to sell things to their creditors to make up for the debt? If so, I have some suggestions.

The Washington Monument. Most people have already seen it. Most people do not even know who Washington is or what he did aside from the cherry tree incident. The shape of it is very suggestive and not appropriate in this overly prudent nation.

The letters in the Hollywood sign but each should be should individually. Don't sell them as one. Let people bid for the right to have a big O. I can guarantee that the sign will give people 3 big Os. Some may think that a big O is worth any price.

The White House. If the country forecloses we are not going to need to have the president shack up there anymore. Sell it off. Let a developer come in and make alterations. "Why is this room oval? I don't like it. It should be a triangle or maybe a rectangular prism." "This is the War Room? It will make a great place for all my train sets."

Of course, you will have some fool who will state "You can buy up all our land but you can never buy the American spirit". Please, someone opens up their wallet and many Americans will be in line to sell it. We are the nation where a mother (who  had a child that feared the monster under the bed ) made a trap to catch said monster and then put this up on EBay where people bid on it. We are a nation where everything is for sale.

Why did the government wait until the last minute to deal with this issue? Was it not important before? This reminds me of those people who say "Christmas snuck up on me.". How can it sneak up on you? It is the same day every year. It is marked on calendars. It does not change from year to year. You would think that someone in the government might think "Hey we should probably deal with this before it gets close to the deadline. Waiting until the last minute might not be a good idea.". Of course, that kind of talk requires foresight and we cannot have that in this nation.

Instead of dealing with the nation's problems do you want to know what the politicians are doing?
Taking pictures of their bodies and sending it around.
Having affairs.
Getting illegal campaign contributions.
Illegally spending campaign contributions.
Worrying about the next presidential election.
Finding ways to insult and demean other political parties.

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