Saturday, July 30, 2011

In Barbie's world

Some time ago there was a Barbie doll that uttered the phrase "Math class is tough.". This caused quite a bit of outrage since people were upset that a doll would not be good at math. Or maybe these people were mad because a doll spoke the truth. I have to believe that a piece of plastic would not be good at math. I mean, most flesh and blood people are not good at it so why should a doll be proficient at calculating figures?

It occurs to me that having Barbie being bad at math opens a whole line of new Barbie dolls for Mattel to put out. They are (in no particular order) as follows:

Can't Balance a Checkbook Barbie.

Dream House Foreclosure Barbie.

Chapter 11 Barbie.

Bad Debt Barbie.

Overdrawn Account Barbie.

Bad Architect Barbie (since she cannot draw things to scale).

Bad at Measurement Barbie (comes with a relieved Ken).

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