Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kelly Ripa is addicted!

Let me start by saying that Kelly Ripa is good at what she does. She handles the co host duties of her show well and has even handled working on two shows at once. She is very diplomatic which is important considering who her regular partner is and can even handle the occasional special guest host. Anderson Cooper came on one time and began to disparage reality TV (which is what people should be doing) and Ripa had to stop him since it is her job to make the "stars" of reality TV feel good about themselves.

This leads to my point. Ripa is addicted to reality TV. She has to be since she regularly discusses every reality show aired in America. She even gets excitable while doing it. I have to wonder how she has so much time for all of this watching. My current theory is she has her husband, Mark, watch the kids since she is going to do "research" for something to discuss on the talk show. She can tell Mark to watch the kids since he is not currently working. "Honey, you don't have a job right now so you just keep watching the kids.". Later, when all her TV needs have been met, she asks Mark for some funny stories about the kids so she can mention them the next day.
Kelly: I'm done watching the bad behavior. Mark, give me a story I can use tomorrow.

She also does commercials for appliances and with every one of these commercials she has new children. I wonder how many children does she actually have. Mark needs to give her some breathing room. Is this another side effect of his not working, the creation of multiple new children? I know Mark does work at times. Most of what I have seen him doing is appearing on the talk show to keep a watchful eye on Regis.
Mark goes to make sure Regis keeps his hands off of Kelly. You just know Mark is backstage watching every move Regis makes.

She also has the courage to admit she comes from New Jersey and does so with pride. That is amazing considering who some of the current stars from this state are. I am talking about the cast of "Jersey Shore". What a fine bunch of role models they are. Since we all know that constantly drinking and having sex with anything that moves is always a good idea. What does it say about our society that these people have become role models, that these people are idolized?

Regis is getting ready to retire or maybe Kelly is putting him out to pasture. When he is gone, she can run the show by herself, no more having to put up with the testosterone. Let the estrogen rule! No more bowing to the whim and innuendo of a much older man. She can fill the hour with recaps of the train wrecks she watched on TV. Yes, I am calling reality TV shows a train wreck. This might be why Kelly watches so much of it since everyone likes to stare at an accident.
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