Wednesday, June 22, 2011

what kind of person...

I hate it when someone asks if I am a dog person or a cat person. I find that question to be limiting and discriminatory. What if someone prefers hamsters, reptiles, armadillos or short necked giraffes? I hate to think that my whole character is defined by what sort of animal I prefer. Shouldn't the cat be listed first? It comes first in the dictionary. Why does the dog get top billing?

Oh, you're a dog person. Well, that means you must be loyal and trustworthy.If that is the case then this person is probably good at fetching and making loud noises when someone walks/drives by their house.

A cat person is someone who independent and aloof. So do these people also spend most of the day sleeping and clean themselves with their tongue?

People have spent a great deal of time and money studying what it means to be a cat or a dog person. Is this what science has come to? Forget studying how to be better people or how to handle all the problems we have in the world today. Study what characteristics make up cat or dog people! It is nice that we have such high priorities. I wonder if people who spend their time doing these studies really think of themselves as scientists or if they are doing really important work. The future of mankind rests on this study!

Why do we keeping giving our characteristics animal names? Camel toe, pigeon-holed, cowlick, lion's share, doe eyed, sheepish, stinkbug eye, smelling something fishy, eating crow, bird brained, proud as a peacock, eagle eyed, wolfish grin, pig headed, bull headed and dumb bunny. It makes the animals look bad. Do animals use the word human to describe certain actions or characteristics? Is human a bad word in their languages?

How is it that it is okay to hit an animal with a car and leave it by the side of the road, no consequences or repercussions for the careless driver but it is not okay to hit a person? Don't animals deserve the same courtesy as people do? Streets nowadays are big kill zones for animals. Try to cross the street and get hit by someone not paying attention. You hit a person with a car and you can go to jail. Hit an animal and get told "Woo Wee, you smacked that thing good!". At least people understand that a car is dangerous to be hit by. Animals have no idea of what a car is or the danger of being hit by one. Driving-just another way people are destroying the wildlife.

One thing that gets me about cats is that they get active at night. I am trying to sleep and they decide to play games such as who can stick their whole  head in my mouth (I snore or so I have been told) while I sleep. I don't like the idea of the cats playing with me while I am sleeping or that they are shedding when the cats play this game. I hate waking up when I start to cough up a hairball.

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