Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Things that need to be said.

Bull fighting is extraordinarily cruel.

How did milk ever catch on? People started drinking it before pasteurization so it had to make some people ill. Also, imagine walking along before it became popular and seeing a farmer squeezing a white liquid from a cow. He offers  you some. Are you going to drink it? No way!

If someone smells something and their head snaps back at the same time they exclaim how bad it smells, there is no need for you to smell it no matter how much the first person asks.

P!nk gets better with every album she puts out. Plus, she is one of the best performers out there. Her acrobatic routine is fantastic.

I'm in love with Jennifer L. Hewitt. I don't know why. I just am.

Apparently politicians have forgotten the rule we tell children. If you do something, admit to it. Lying and then getting caught makes it much worse.

I really don't care who celebrities are dating (except for JLH) or where they go on vacation.

Cheez-its are the greatest snack food.

Why do we combine words that mean close to the same thing to form another word that has the same meaning as the ones that created it. Enormous and gigantic mean large in size or girth and someone combined them to make ginormous. Seriously, don't you  have anything better to do? What makes it worse it that it caught on.

One way we can save on paper is to do away with catalogues. I just saw an entire full sized catalogue dedicated to bird feeders.Just bird feeders. That has to be one of the signs of the decline of western civilization.

Rather than say happy birthday to people, I think we should say "Hey, you survived another year. I lost that bet."

Also, wouldn't it be great if those clocks that count down to when you were going to die were completely accurate? Everyone would buy one. It would be the best selling item in the history of merchandise and there would always be a need as new people are born.

I want to see a giant spider movie where the spider(or spiders) wins.

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