Monday, September 9, 2013


Since Dragon Con 2013 is over and I passed out a good number of business cards (which I do at conventions), this might mean that people will start looking at my site. Doubtful, but people keep telling me to keep hope alive. I should probably introduce myself, in case people start reading this blog.

Hi, I’m Al.

You might be thinking what does that have to do with anything? Well, if you knew me in person you would realize that my name has a lot of connotation. Whenever I would do something at a job (and I did a LOT of things at work) it would be written off by someone saying “That’s Al.” My name became an explanation.

You may be thinking (you probably aren’t) that you want to meet me now thinking I cannot be outrageous. Fear (rue?) the day you meet me. Many, many have.

I am a mocker, sarcastic, cynical Luddite (yes, I get the irony of being a Luddite but using technology to post this).

I take a lot of (not so great) photos at conventions and the latest batch will soon be popping up on here.

I have never been married as I cannot seem to convince a woman to lower her standards that much.

I get to hear the phrases “I hate you, Al” or “Shut up, Al” due to my nature. It makes me giggle when people tell me this.

You will never find me when you need me but when you do something embarrassing, I will be right there with a smirk on my face and a comment on my tongue.

I prefer cats to dogs since houses are usually quieter-except when the treat bag comes out and then the pleading begins. My cat had taught me to plead when he holds the bag up. I starting rolling around, begging for a handful of that treat goodness.

I read a lot (or I act like I do). People tend to leave you alone when they think you are reading. Except for those that decide to come up and tell you how great the book is and how they were shocked when it was revealed that John was the killer. This is the point when I close the book, turn to face the person, and then beat them to death with the book.

I never get any phone calls but I still have a phone. I liken this to having a toaster but never eating bread. I keep the phone around in the hopes that maybe someday someone will call. So far the score is 0 to 40 years. I am losing hope.

I have learned that YouTube has a lot of naughty videos. On an unrelated note, I spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos.

I belong in the Addams Family. Well, according to my biological family, that is not the only place I belong…

My current running tally indicates that I have driven 17 people to drink. I hope to make it 20 one day since that is a nice, even number.

I am planning to start a kickstarter project so I can raise money to pay for friends. It has come to the point where I am going to have to bribe people to be my friends on Facebook. I wish someone would bribe me to be their friend cause I am totally bribable.

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