Thursday, September 19, 2013

Celebrities at conventions

If you attend conventions such as San Diego Comic Con, Dragon Con, New York Comic Con or any such convention, you know that celebrities are a big draw. People flock there to get autographs, chat with various celebrities, get pictures with the celebrity, etc. I am no different but I go there for certain individuals. Like, for instance, I love Farscape and am working my way through that cast.

In 2012 I got to meet Rebecca Riggs, Gigi Edgley(Right), and Virginia Hey(bottom). This was the start of the Farscape cast for me.

In 2013 I got to meet Paul Goddard and Anthony Simcoe. Claudia Black, Lani Tupu, and Ben Browder--I'm coming for you next. You have no idea how much I like meeting the Farscape cast since I was so hooked on this show.
In 2012 I also met Amber Benson. I have talked about meeting her previously so go read my blogs from Dragon Con 2012.
2013 also saw the cast of Fringe show up. This is another show that I am fascinated with and some of the cast showed up. I plan on getting the rest of the cast photographed as they show up at cons I attend. I was able to get Jasika Nicole, Seth Gable and Michael Cerveris(bottom) this time.

The other two celebrities I met during 2013 were Claire Coffee (who had the best price for just getting a photo with her--free!) and Kelly Hu.

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