Friday, September 20, 2013

100 websites to see before...

Okay, so I am not actually going to list 100 websites here but they are ones you should see. Today. Right now. Follow the links and go to the sites right now.
This one is a great one to visit. They have many things to see such as convention pictures and how to videos. They update on a regular basis with a variety of content. It is not one sided toward one activity. Plus, extra bonus reason to visit, they make things. Things you can buy from them such as superhero related accessories. I mean who would not want a pair of Wonder Woman earrings. I don't wear earrings but I still wanted them.
You can watch pandas or follow the links to other animals at the Atlanta Zoo. So even if you don't want to see a panda (WHAT?) there is much more to see.
Ever hear of Elfquest? No, well, this is the place to go (or even if you have heard of it and want to read more).
Who loves books? Who loves free things? Here is a site that combines both! I know, it is very exciting.
This is another one about animals. Why? Because I want to. Lots of things about pets.

There are some others you may not have heard of that are fun to see like

Those last three may be ones you haven't heard of since they are hard sells. I mean, watching videos, learning about movies/actors, or social networking are things people really aren't that interested in.

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