Monday, April 29, 2013

2013 birthday

I want to say this year's birthday was a raucous event filled with lots of adventure. I want to but I am not going to lie to you. It was spent working and, much like previous years, spent alone as I worked. My day was so exciting that I think I spent a little time crying (don't worry, they are tears of joy. Really).

Birthdays are a time to look back over the past year and sigh. Sigh heavily.

The problem (well, not really a problem) is that no one even knows it is my birthday. Well, they do on Facebook and several people wished me a happy birthday while many people ignored it. I appreciate the ones who said something but still FB failed me. Isn't this social media set up so people wish you well on this, the one special day of the year? Facebook clearly posts special events on the side of the screen (at least it does on mine). If this isn't the purpose than FB means nothing to me. NOTHING!

Honestly, the day means very little to me (and yes, I understand that I am dedicating a blog to it). I have not celebrated since the 1990s. I have not had a birthday cake in about 20 years. People have no interest in celebrating with me (which may be due in part to their not knowing it is my birthday). If ignorance of the law is no excuse than ignorance of my birthday is no excuse

The hardest part to deal with is that my cats don't care. I tell them it is my birthday and they just go back to sleep. That really stings. It is like a dagger in my heart.

I had to go and buy myself a birthday gift. I do not know if that counts as sad, having to buy yourself a gift since no one else will. Of course, I am hard to shop for since my wardrobe is so varied (it isn't), I don't like movies (I love them) and I never go to bookstores (untrue).

I would mention those who wished me well here but isn't knowing me punishment enough? Do I really need to identify them here and make them the scorn of everybody else in the world? Heck, I even feel bad for them, having to know me and such.

After I thanked these people publicly and declared a pox on everyone else's house a couple of other people said happy birthday. One would think a curse from me would inspire more people to chime in with well wishes. That just tells me what goals I need to set for myself over the upcoming year.

Dementia (the person, not the disorder) suggested I go out by myself since there are some places that offer free meals on your birthday but I don't want to be the one guy sitting by himself at a table, surrounded by the wait staff who is singing "Happy Birthday to you" (well, except for the cake part) since I don't want to hear the song and I do not need a group of people surrounding me expressing some ideal I don't support (That's right, I don't support the singing of that song). If I wanted that I would just go to a compound and apply for membership to that cult. The bad thing is they have Kool-aid and that is no substitute for cake.

(For those too young for that last reference, go look up Kool-aid and cults)

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