Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another year

I am approaching the end of another year so I get to reflect on what has gone on for the last 365 days.

Not very much.

I know that sounds sad (and is) but not much has changed.

I have limited employment. Actually, one job I have is going to come to an end right after this year ends so that will have an effect on next year. I have been working here on and off for many, many years and now the store is closing so I am done with that. I love it when change is forced upon me.

Still single. Not that this is ever going to change since every woman in the world had a meeting and they all decided to keep me this way. Finally, something all women agree on. I am so pleased that my staying single has united all women.

My father has continued his tirade about how I need to change. Primarily he tells me that I need to dress better. He constantly asks "Who do you think you are, Johnny Cash?" He never seems to appreciate my answer "Johnny Cash wishes he were me." Yes, I know he is dead. Please don't flood my inbox with angry messages.

My cats have become bed hogs. The two of them position themselves on the bed so it becomes hard for me to get in bed. The two of them are amused by my having to contort my body to find a space. I would fight but they have claws and I have skin that really does not want claws inside of it.

Still writing this blog but have tried (unsuccessfully) to gain new fans. Kim Bookless has tried to help but helping me is like trying to catch water with a strainer.

I went to Dragon*Con for the first time and enjoyed it. Saturday is the most crowded day of all the 3-4 day conventions I have been to. Days like that have taught me to thank the person behind me for the full body massage since there is absolutely no space between you and the one right behind you. Moving is slow going but you will eventually get there. Maybe not the same day but you will get there.

I have become more involved in the cosplay community. Not that the community knows who I even am. Well, aside from the oddball (creepy guy?) with the camera taking lots of pictures.

I still have an expressionless face. Brandy Gibson brought this to my attention in February when she told me that she can never tell if I even know who she is (the answer is yes, I know who she is) since my face is devoid of expression. Is it a bad thing to have a blank face?

My sense of humor is the same. You know, sarcastic. I have mentioned that before and it continues on. Maybe this is why people walk away as fast as they can when I approach groups or why Brandon has said "He's starting again! Someone needs to shut him down!" Byron has told me that I don't have do that but I respond with "Sorry, biological imperative. It is written in my DNA."

People still find me shocking. Others start off thinking I am the quiet type but that notion quickly dissolves. After a while, they become used to my antics and explain it to others with "That's just Al" which would be great on my tombstone (when my time comes and it will one day).

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