Monday, May 6, 2013

Free Comic Book Day 2013

The first Satuday of every May now sees a national event called Free Comic Book Day and it is getting huge. Gail Simone even appeared at a comic shop which would be a big draw for that store.

Even if she did not appear the word free would bring people in. People are mad for anything that is labeled free. It doesn't matter what it is. Moldy bread? Sure, as long as it is free. Pickled frog toes? Frayed power cords? The lost episode of "Jersey Shore"? Sad, but people would still drive hundreds of miles to get these things as long as they have the magic word attached to them.

I love the people that complain about these things. "It has too much mold on it." "I don't really like 'Jersey Shore'." To be fair, that last comment is sensible.

Trilogy Comics is the store I spent my national holiday at. It is a national holiday, right? There are so many of them that I have lost track. Bill Maus was there signing and drawing which is where I was able to get the sketch.
It should come as a surprise to no one that Zatanna was in the sketch. She is giving Rogue a gift, one that catches Rogue off guard. Bill Maus loved the idea when it was pitched and so I was able to get this which made the day memorable for me.

Some cosplayers showed up as well and I have a few photos of them. It was a mixed bunch between a pro wrestler, Power Rangers, Marvel and Grimm's Fairy Tales. Enjoy.

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