Monday, May 13, 2013

FB changes

Facebook is changing how people use the service. I am confused by several things that occur on FB. On this site people are concerned with getting as many friends as they can and having people like their statuses. The more friends you have means you are more popular. Wait a minute, Facebook is just like high school! Sigh, I thought I was out and they pulled me back in.

Liking still confuses me. People like the oddest things.

I just got run over by a car.
7 people like this

My wife left me for a physical trainer.
15 people like this.

I hate you all.
29 people like this.

So basically the worse the statement the more that people like it. Why isn't there a disgust button? Or a you're an idiot button? Or my soul died a little bit as I read your status button?

Administrators have updated people's relationships statuses but they still have not come up with one that fits my situation.

It is complicated? It's never complicated. You either are or you are not in a relationship. Here are similar statements that really are not that difficult.

      I want a sandwich but I don't want a sandwich. It's complicated.

      I want to read a book but I don't want to read a book. It's complicated
      I'm not very smart...
                    Let me stop you there and say you are correct,  you are not very smart.

Unless you are having an affair and then it is complicated. "He told me he is going to leave his wife for me."

 "Oh, honey, wake up." That should be a status reaction. More than poking. Seriously, poking. Throwing sheep. Tipping cows. This is what social interactions have come to. Sigh. It is no wonder the aliens stay away from us.

When it comes to relationship statuses they have not added a listing for me yet.

Here are ones they need:

I love her but she has no idea who I am.

I want her but she has no idea how I feel about her.

Some people are meant to be alone.

Too crazy to be loved.

The government has declared loving me to be a crime.

Ornery, mean, and unlovable.

Living a wild fantasy life.

Living in sin with a body pillow.

In love with myself.

Beer goggles got us together.

Waiting for Vampire Willow to love me.

If you have any different ones, feel free to tell me.


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