Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nekocon 2012

This was the first time I have been to this convention and it is worth going back next year. Set in Hampton, it does not have the crowds of other anime cons which is good since this made it easier to move around. I have heard about this con for some time and decided to finally take the plunge. As always, many pictures were taken (not as many as other cons) and they are displayed below.

What I liked:
1) The con had a friendly feel to it. It was smaller than other conventions I have attended and this seems to be one where a lot of the people know each other. Many people know each other which is something I cannot claim (a downside for me-not having anyone who I can meet and go hang around with). The attendees seemed pleased to see each other and catch up. I was able to meet many people who had some fantastic costumes. See below for some great costumes.

2) Getting Final Fantasy 8. I have been wanting to reacquire it for some time and accomplished this goal here. Now I have games 7 and above. I am pleased.

3) Meeting Chiara Scuro. We have known each other on FB for some time. I have been trying to be at the same con as her but I keep missing her. I despaired of ever meeting her and was about to give up hope of this but lo and behold, it finally happened! I got to see her in a Sailor Moon cosplay (see below).

The not so good.
1) The artist alley was limited. While there were some talented people there, other cons have had a greater number of artists in attendance. I only found one piece I really wanted.

okay, onto what you really want--THE PICTURES!

Lizzy Bush (Batgirl)
and Brittney Taylor (Nightwing)

Erica Bortnick (Glados-Portal 2)


Elyse Teeney (Police Box) and
Lauren Barham as the Doctor

Elhonie Kirchoff

Watson and Madeleine

Sammii Ponseti

Hayley Boone

William Mountford and
Ariel Matthews

Rob Wilson and
Stacie Hudson

Sarah Dove and
Patrick Jenkins



Racheal Hrinda and
Leah Boadway

Alice and Emma

Laura Howell

Samantha Ripert


Dana Plinkington

Kristy Bock and Daniel Hart

V. Faulkner

The Hawks without their masks

Chiara Scuro (to wrap things up)


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