Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of the year post

Okay, so I made it to the end of 2011 and tomorrow begins a whole new year with all kinds of adventures and wackiness. I do not know what to expect but I imagine some things will be new and some things will be the same.
Several new things happened during 2011:

I moved again. That makes about 5 moves in 10 years. No, I am not running from the law. Yes, I am aware that everyone who knows me is surprised that I am not.

I began attending conventions. The first I went to was Katsucon in Maryland. After that I went to Otakon, Baltimore Comic Con, New York Comic and ended with Virginia Comic Con.

I started this blog. The interesting thing was that my regular posts did not get much attention but when I started writing posts about conventions and interviewing people at conventions the number of views dramatically increased. Funny how that works.

Going to conventions introduced me to many interesting,, talented people. I have bought a great deal of art from some of these talented people.

Meeting people also introduced me to different types as well. VA Comic Con had a visitor who was not very happy and made several people uncomfortable with his presence. He talked about things that bothered people and kept complaining about how unfair he was treated at conventions. This sticks in my mind as I feel that may be me in a sense. I do not want to be that guy but I fear I am. It leads me to resolve not to bother people anymore. By this I mean I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to get in touch with some friends and now I think I will stop making the effort. I say that as I do not want to bother them.

I have several pieces of art that I need to get framed. That is going to be one of my goals for the new year. Frame the art and find fantastic new pieces to purchase.

It was an interesting year and I hope the new year is even more fascinating.

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