Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Resolution

Well, 2012 has started which is me stating the obvious. So far the new year looks a lot like the previous one. This is the time when people start making resolutions about how they are going to change their lives (Hopefully for the better). Why don't people make negative resolutions? Like I am going to only shower once every 4 days. Or I am going to become bitterly sarcastic.

I don't make resolutions since I am already perfect.

(Cough). Ahem.

Okay, here are some ways I am planning to improve myself:

First, I am going to spend less time of Facebook. I think this one of the biggest timewasters and I need to be more productive and somehow, I do not think people are really very productive on FB.

I still plan on not joining Twitter. That whole concept does not appeal to me.

Second, to be a different person around/to people. I have recently met a person at a convention who made people uncomfortable. I do not want to be that person and think I am to a degree.  I think this is why my relationships with certain people have been going downhill. That means I need to check my behavior around people. So I am going to spend less time on FB (as I said earlier) so no more posting on walls or sending messages to people on that site.

Be more grateful for what people do for me. I think most people could benefit from this concept. If someone does something nice to/for you, say thank you. I think a lot of people expect people to be nice instead of just appreciating the small things people do when these things are not required.

Working more on writing.

I am starting a search for this elusive thing called "Common Sense". It would appear that most still have not found it. I think the world could use a good dose of this. Of course, the problem would be knowing it when I see it.

The saying does "No one ever wished they spent more time at the office". Well, I am going to challenge that statement this year. I want to spend more time at the office. That is how you make money! By working. Since I don't have a family this should be easy especially if I convince someone to let me work at their office. I really need to spend more time working and by that I mean I need to find a position where I can spend more time working.

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