Monday, January 16, 2012

A Boy Called Glue

I have been reminded of the song "A Boy Called Glue". I first heard it back in the 1980s and it brought back a lot of memories. I wish the radios stations would play it more. The song evoked a simpler time before thousands of channels were on television, before cell phones could fit in your pocket, and before video games exploded into the industry it is today.

Side note--Here is one thing that confuses me. We create thousands of TV channels so people will spend more time watching television. Then the same medium is used to air commercials to tell people to go outside and be active. Why not tell people at doughnut shops to go out and find a bagel shop?

 It used to make me wonder why someone would call a boy Glue but then I learned that celebrities were naming their children things like Apple.I never knew names could be sources of amusement. Why not make names informative? Create names that actually describe a person and not sarcastically like shorty for someone over 6 foot tall.

Descriptive names could be the newest thing--Won a Pulitzer at 8 Years Old, Likes to Volunteer at Animal Shelters, or Been Divorced Three Times and Looking for Love Again.

Of course, Facebook will only let you use your real name which means people cannot use the above mentioned unless they can verify those are their real names. Speaking of FB is the next step going to be automatic updates. "John was looking at updates and walked into a lamppost." "Jane just saw a man walk into a lamppost and is LOLing." The updates should be automatic. No more having to type them it, just have them happen. Wouldn't that make life easier? No more having to spend time typing up everything you want to say. Automatic pictures updates would be a bonus as well. Take a picture and it automatically gets posted. No more privacy! Aren't we heading that way as it is?

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