Monday, December 12, 2011


I have recently discovered the joys of YouTube. Now I know you may not have heard about this site yet but let me suggest you give this site a try. The sheer quantity of videos available is staggering. Sure, some of the new ones are easily available on the home page when one goes to the main page but there are many more than what is posted on the front page. Some of the videos posted are akin to sitting and watching flowers bloom.

Here is the link: You should go there and go often. New videos are constantly being added. A person can search for videos or even favorite the ones they really, really like. The site even makes suggestions for new videos to watch based on previous ones you have viewed. It is truly an amazing site. Really. It is not a time waster at all.

Where else can a person watch people superglue themselves to each other. There are quite a few of those floating around. Yes, I have seen some of them and constantly ask myself why, why are you watching this. The answer is simply that the absurdity (or stupidity) of people's behaviors amuses me.

But wait, there's more. You can also watch videos of animals. All kinds of animals doing what animals do. Some people have even taped animals and then made it seem like the animal is talking. One of the most famous is Jupiter, the talking cat. I have heard about this cat in whispered rumors before but the truth is much more bizarre.

Of course, there are serious videos as well, But who wants to watch those. Going to the Internet to learn things is a crazy concept. A website where people can come and watch silly videos is just what the Internet needed. There is no reason for people to use the Internet for educational purposes. That is the beauty of YouTube. They give people another reason to play on the Internet. Thank you, YouTube, thank you.

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