Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thank goodness that is over!

Christmas is over and I am glad that is done. This year I was alone (I like to think that was my choice but the truth is...) and sat around watching movies that have been accumulating. So a giant bag of popcorn and several titles later I was finished. By several I mean six. The bad part was that none of them really moved me. The ones I watched were "Igor", "A Month by the Lake", "Men who Stare at Goats", "Role Models" and "Angel-A". While I enjoyed the day where I did absolutely nothing, I wish I enjoyed the movies as much. Maybe I was expecting too much but I did not find any of the movies to be great. I suppose it is my own fault. I want the movies I watch to be classics. Is that too much to ask? If I had to pick I would say that "Angel-A" was the best of the lot. It was made by the same man who made "The Professional" but "Angel-A" was not nearly as good.

So all this means is that I need to follow the one thing teachers are constantly telling elementary students nowadays--make better choices! Of course this statement applies to pretty much everything in my life.

The day was quiet otherwise. I think my cats enjoyed it since we were together all day and they slept next to me for most of it. Imagine-cats sleeping all day long. Who knew they did that?

I want to say I did more but I am not going to lie to you. I laid in bed all day. Okay, there is one other thing I did. I finished the book Game of Thrones. I have not seen the TV series but I completed the first book of the series and it ends on quite a dramatic note. I know the DVD of the series is coming out next year and I know it will sell very well. Lots of death and drama especially near the end of the book. Peter Dinklage was cast as probably the most interesting character in the series as Tyrion's loyalties are not clear. My personal feeling is that his loyalty is to himself. That and Sansa is not the good sister.

So that was the majority of my Christmas day. Man, I love popcorn. Overall it was a good day since I do enjoy the quiet.

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