Saturday, December 3, 2011

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Recently, there was a story about a couple who left their baby at Wal-mart as they fled with stolen merchandise.

This story brings a few thoughts to mind.

These two people got "The Godfather" wrong. It's not "Leave the baby, take the merchandise". The line was "Leave the gun, take the cannoli".

They misunderstood Wal-Mart's exchange policy.

The two of them tried to change the police's gun for toys concept to merchandise for babies.

Another recent story involves a newlywed who did not appreciate her husband playing video games all the time. She put him on Craigslist..

The odd thing is she received offers for him . What the offers were I have no idea. I have to wonder about the wisdom of buying a husband when there are so many one could get for free.

Oh who am I kidding. Relationships are never free. They cost emotionally, mentally and psychologically.

This last story is common knowledge now due to the seriousness of it. I am hesitant to post it here but this man's interview needs to be brought up.

1) He says showering with young boys was a mistake. Really? What kind of world does he live in where that needs to even be said? How is that an afterthought? The fact he even admits he made that kind of mistake means there is a serious problem here.

2)  “I had kid after kid after kid who might say I was a father figure.”  Is he even aware he used the word might? He does understand the word's meaning allows for doubt, right? Even the first half of this statement is wrong. He is phrasing this all wrong.

3) He saw these other kids as his own? What does that mean for his actual children? Did he does these things to his actual children as well?

One thing that bothers me about this whole situation is how it makes it harder for other males to be around children in schools since there is now an onus about men and children. People will look at other men around elementary schools and wonder about them. The accusations make it harder for male teachers.

If Sandusky is convicted and sentenced to prison he is going to find out how molesters are treated in prison. Hint: the stories I have heard do not present a pretty picture.

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