Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good-bye, 2013

2013 in review

2013 is almost over and a lot has gone on during the year. Some of it was good and some of it was bad. I can no more blame the year for the things that happened than I can blame Phil Robertson for having a negative opinion of homosexuals. No, wait--I can blame him for that.

Still, it is not the year's fault for what happened just like 2014 will also contain good and bad that is not the year's responsibility. I am not sure if the year has any responsibility for anything besides having 12 months. Do you think lazy years might slack off and only have 10 months?

Anyway, here are some things that happened over the year.

I continued writing this blog. People continued to ignore it.

I went to Katsucon again.

When I returned from Katsucon I was informed that the FYE (For Your Entertainment, a music and movie store). I worked at was closing down. Nothing like returning from a convention of fun to be told that your job will be over in a month.

The school year ended and I was out of work for the summer.

I was accepted to grad school.

I moved to Georgia which enabled me to get away from an abusive, angry roommate (angry enough to threaten to kill me, kill my cats, and burn down the place we were living one afternoon).

I lost Blackberry right before the move. I adopted him when he was a 5 week old kitten back in 2003 and he would not be going to Georgia with me. It really hurts that he died two days before I moved.

I adopted Midnight and Spider in October. I have never had a pair of female kittens before. I am trying to convince my 10-year-old cat that he is their father.

I started grad school for archiving and began working on a program for medical coding.

I attended Dragon*Con again. I was supposed to photograph a mini shoot at the huge Marvel group but Allan Hansard gave that job to someone else that day.

I attended AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta) for the first time.

I met many new people. I annoyed many new people.

I drove 10 hours from Georgia to DC without a break other than stopping for gas. I really cannot tell you how great it is to drive that long without resting. Don't do it.

I am not sure if 2013 had any lessons to be learned but even if it did, I am going to be like Calvin, from "Calvin and Hobbes", and refuse to find out.

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