Thursday, January 9, 2014

an interview with DJ Spider

DJ Spider is a fixture at several conventions on the East Coast. I was able to meet her at Dragon*Con where she wears some of the best costumes (especially since I am a long time DC Comics fan and recognize some of the outfits she wears). She also spends time working as a DJ for some of the parties at conventions as well. The Superhero Costuming Forum is another place one can find her as she is one of the administrators of that site. The SCF is where cosplayers can go and discuss many different things with like minded individuals.

How are you doing?

I’m just fine, thank you for asking!

Who is DJ Spider and why did you choose the name Spider?

While my first passion will always be comics, I started out as a radio DJ in college. This eventually moved into club gigs and the like, so being a DJ was how most people know me. Costuming and cosplay (costume play) didn’t start until about 10 years ago or so. “Spider” was a nickname I picked up in high school because of my height (in flat feet I’m currently 5’13’’) and “Daddy Long Legs” was just too long to say. So DJ Spider has been my nickname for more than half my life.

What kind of music do you tend to spin?
80s, 90s, dance, ebm, electro-swing, goth, industrial and synthpop, plus whatever else comes along :) After DJing for over 20 years, I'm able to handle just about any genre that comes my way LOL.
How and when did you get involved with costuming?
I love Halloween (who doesn't?) and love playing dress up and creating costumes, but I stuck to mostly mainstream things because I didn't know anyone who would get the more obscure characters that I liked. Then, about 10 years ago, I went to my first big convention – DragonCon in Atlanta. I remember walking through the hotels and clutching my boyfriend's hand and whispering “Oh my god, I have found my people!” I had no idea that there was a place for me to wear all of the crazy comic book costumes I wanted to, the ones I thought no one would know. It's all been downhill since then!
What brought you into costuming?
I think it was a love of Halloween for starters, but it's a great creative outlet for me. I love the challenge of translating a 2D image on paper into something living and breathing. I love learning a new technique or refashioning some odd bit of scrap into a prop or accessory.
What was your first costume?
My first "official" costumes (as in I made them specifically for a convention) were the classic Dazzler suit and Jem from “Jem and the Holograms.” I look back now and cringe a little, but I'm still pretty proud of them.
What have been your favorite costumes to wear?
Such a hard question! They're all favorites in one way or another! I love wearing any of my Dazzler costumes because she was my first hero. Wonder Woman is great with the kids, and their reactions are so amazing. But anything that makes someone smile or react is awesome for me.