Sunday, December 22, 2013


President Obama is getting a lot of heat about his health care program. I think it is flawed in that it says everyone has to have insurance. It should be focusing on those who cannot afford insurance getting insurance. Insurance is a pricey expense and many cannot afford the monthly rates. The president should not be forcing those who do not want insurance to get policies but help those who want it but cannot afford it.

He has been blamed for many things since the whole thing started and I am going to continue the blame game.

It is his fault that several Hollywood starlets have had wardrobe malfunctions or the dreaded nip slip. Not that I mind the nip slip since it gives my life purpose and direction and something to root for at Hollywood events. "Come on, nip slip. Daddy needs to see it." Yes, calling out daddy while hoping to see skin is creepy. I know this.

It is his fault that Dori and I have not used Skype in some time. I don't know how but it is.

It is his fault that reality TV is still prevalent on the networks. I really hate him for this.

It is his fault that Europe has converted to using the Euro and not the dollar. Or that we are not using the Euro. Or that there is even a Euro.

It is his fault that cats are attracted to laser light pointers. He made them this way.

It is his fault for twerking. That's right. I said it. Obama is to blame for twerking.

It is his fault Jennifer Love Hewitt married someone other than me. What was he thinking?

It is his fault that finger and toe nails fly all over the place when you clip them. This is why people should wear protective eye gear when working on the nails.

It is his fault Maggie shot Mr. Burns.

It is his fault that they are remaking so many movies in Hollywood and not just making new ones. It is a disgusting trend. I mean they are remaking "Robocop" and the original is not even that old. Come on, Hollywood (and by Hollywood, I mean Obama) let's get original.

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